origami dragon

Its been a long time since I folded dragons and this time I have attempted Kade Chan’s Fiery Dragon. This is my first attempt and I am quite pleased with it. I plan to fold my second rendition with metallic tissue paper so that it gives a better look when finished. This model depends a […]


Origami One-Horned Dragon

by Ancella on March 9, 2009

in Dinosaurs & Dragons

I have been looking out for a slightly complex dragon for quite sometime, now. I didn’t want something which is highly complex and tricky either. I have found a perfect one horned dragon design (perfect for me that is) YouTube.com. It is an intermediate model and incorporates, sinks, rabbit ears and crimps in the folds. […]


Fantasy Creatures – Dragon

by Ancella on October 25, 2008

in Dinosaurs & Dragons

I folded this out of a 6″ single-side colored Origami paper and have created a couple of extra folds on the wings to add to the ‘dragon look’. For this model, it is not important to have origami paper colored both sides. However, a larger sized paper would be more convenient and will look better […]

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