Origami Dolphin (Design by John Montroll)

Dolphin (Design by John Montroll)
Dolphin (Design by John Montroll)

This model by John Montroll is lower intermediate in nature and is from the well-known book Origami Sea Life, which he co-authored with Robert Lang.

Type of paper:

I have used a square sheet of paper measuring 9” in size (large size), which is colored black on one side (with the other side being plain white). This is from the origami paper pack by Dover publishing.

This model takes around 15 to 20 minutes to fold and the diagrams in the book are relatively easy to follow. The steps are detailed out clearly and the standard symbols in origami have been used in this book, too.

The best part of this design is that even if you use single side colored paper, you can’t really see much of the blank or white side. So this makes the model look really neat.

The step which I found a bit tricky to fold is that of the tail, which is a combination of a reverse fold and a subsequent squash fold. It’s however, easier said than done..is what I found out, especially when it came to the squash folding. I then had to ‘form’ the tail with a slight fold upwards to each side of the tail, once I was through with the squash folding. 🙄

The centre or middle of the model gets a bit “thick” due to the numerous folds which are tucked in, at that location. Therefore its advisable to use the usual origami that you can buy online through Amazon.com or from your local craft shop. Using packing paper material or any other kind of paper such as construction paper will make the model too thick and the folds difficult to set in place.