Square Squared (Design by Ilan Garibi)

Square Squared (Design by Ilan Garibi)
Square Squared (Design by Ilan Garibi)

This is a simple, easy to fold design by Ilan Garibi which was published a few days ago in Issue 6 of Origami-USA’s The Fold. It requires just 8 square sheets of paper, of any color of your choice. It incorporates a simple interlocking technique which holds the units in place.

You can vary the colors of paper you choose to make a striking color combination such as that used by the designer. I used shaded single side colored sheets of kami paper which measured approx 8 inches in size. I used a red and white combination and a blue and green shaded combination to give the model the colorful mix. You can also attempt folding this design with wrapping paper.

This design is pretty simple to fold and assemble and there are a couple of variations you can try, too, one of which is suggested by the designer himself in his set of diagrams.

How to fold this design:
Please visit Origami-USA’s The Fold for instructions to this model – Ilan Garibi has generously shared the diagrams with everyone in Issue 6 of this online magazine. You will also find Ilan Garibi’s diagrams to another star shaped geometric design on Origami-USA which is also easy to fold and has a few suggestions for variations.

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Neal Elias Books (Origami USA (OUSA) Lending Library)

Books requested from the OUSA Lending Library
Books requested from the OUSA Lending Library

I have been on the look out for Neal Elias Selected Works and Miscellaneous Folds II (for the angel II diagram) for quite sometime, now. These books are on sale on the BOS Supplies but the ‘Selected Works’ book is now not available. It was then that I thought of checking the OUSA Library and see if these books are available there. To my surprise, both books were listed, and available for immediate lending.

Neal Elias 1964-1973 By Dave Venables (All models by Neal Elias) is also the BOS Booklet # 10 and was published in 2002 by the British Origami Society. This book forms the “base” in understanding Neal Elias’ folds and technique. The other books containing his diagrams – Miscellaneous Folds I, Miscellaneous Folds II and Neal Elias – Faces and Busts (BOS Booklet # 36) have hand drawn diagrams and are more difficult to follow. A good start to folding Neal Elias’ work is to start with the ‘Selected Works’ book and then proceed to fold models from the other 3 books mentioned. This will help build your understanding of the folding technique involved as well as the way the model is diagrammed.

A great help in case you are ‘stuck’ at any point in the folding process is the Origami Forum. There are a lot of people who are active on that forum with varying levels of experience who would be more than willing to help anyone out with the models.

Most of the models in these books make use of either rectangles or squares and makes use of box pleating. The models in these books would be considered complex by nature of the folds involved and the technique involved. Neal Elias’ books are known for depicting multiple steps / folds in a single diagram and the most famous Elias Stretch; which as per Robert Lang’s Glossary on his website explains it as:

Elias stretch: A maneuver used in box pleating to create flaps from a pleated region of paper, by changing the direction of the pleats by 90° within wedges of paper.

You can borrow these books (yes, all of Neal Elias’ books by Dave Venables) from OUSA Lending library. In order to avail of this facility you will need to be an OUSA member first (as membership number is required in order to avail of this). There is a shipment / postage payment involved and the maximum number of books one can borrow at any given time is 3 (with a shipment charge of $15).

Please visit the OUSA library website to read the terms and conditions as well as the very handy FAQ section. A link to the list of books available can be found at the top left hand side of the web page. In a nutshell, to borrow from the lending library, simply: –

  1. Browse through the collection / catalogue page on the OUSA Library page
  2. In order to select the books that you would like to borrow from the library, you will have to select (using the check boxes) the titles (maximum number that can be selected is 3) and then click on “Submit” at the bottom of the ‘catalogue’ page.
  3. You will then be asked to enter your name, OUSA membership number, and mode of payment.
  4. You will then receive an email with a PayPal link (in case you have chosen this); you would have to click on this link, which will re-direct you to the Paypal log in page (even those who do not have a PayPal account can avail of this facility – please read the FAQ section in OUSA Library for details).
  5. Once you log in and pay the amount, you will receive a confirmation email shortly with the details of the books requested.
  6. When you receive the shipment, please remember to keep the return envelope and ‘receipt notice’ enclosed in the package. You will use the return envelope to return the books to the Lending library along with the receipt notice.

I have borrowed the following books from OUSA Lending Library and these reached me last week:

  • BOS Booklet # 10 – Neal Elias: Selected Works
  • BOS Booklet # 35 – Miscellaneous Folds II
  • OUSA Convention book 2008

So, I finally got my hands on the diagrams to Nguyen Hung Cuong’s Chef Rat (from the OUSA Convention Book 2008), too 🙂