Jack O’Lantern (Design by Edward Mistretta)


Jack O’Lantern (Design by Edward Mistretta)

In the spirit of Halloween, I folded this nice Jack O’Lantern designed by Edward Mistretta. He generously shared the diagram on his Instagram.  This design is easy to fold with no complex folding sequence involved. Having said that however, one should be precise with the pre-creases so that the model folds easily.

I prepared this paper by using Japanese Washi Paper measuring 4 inches in size and sticking a sheet of orange ombre colored tissue paper on the other side for the pumpkin colored duo effect.


Origami Lollipop 3.0 (Design by Tony Wang)

Origami Lollipop (Design by Tony Wang)

I came across this pretty design on Instagram, following Ryan Charpentier‘s nicely done fold of it and could not help but put this on my folding to-do list. I was amazed that the lollipop, bow and the lollipop stick are all folded from a single sheet of paper! I purchased the diagrams from SAOrigami and promptly received it. I could not wait to fold it!

The folding sequence is a clever one, pretty straight-forward and one can see the lollipop taking shape almost immediately. There is minimal shaping required for this design and the design takes advantage of color change throughout, mimicking the swirly design of real lollipops. In origami, sinks are one of the folds which always get me nervous as I am never neat with them, no matter how precise I try to be with the pre-creasing. In this diagram, Tony Wang has 2 closed sinks in a series, the first one being simple enough (where I can’t goof up) and the other requiring me to have the dexterity of a cat. I managed to get this one completed without tearing the paper or crumpling it into a ball. I’m happy!

For the paper, I did not have a large enough size of Kami with me (the creator suggested a size of at least 30 cm). So, i decided to give this a try with something different. I folded this using double tissue paper which I prepared using MC. I went with a bright blue and pink for the lollipop instead of a bright color and white combination. The size of the paper I used was larger than the suggested size – it’s a square sheet of 20 inches. The finished model is around 9 inches in length.

The diagram is available for sale on SAOrigami as well as OrigamiUSA’s The Source.

You are always in my heart (Design by Andrey Lukyanov)

You are always in my heart (Design by Andrey Lukyanov)

Happy Mother’s Day!

This year I celebrate my first mother’s day being a new mom and for it, I received a load of flowers from my daughter 🙂

I have been thinking for quite a while on what model to fold to mark this occasion and I finally settled on Andrey Lukyanov’s You are always in my heart. This is a great little design to fold and the two-toned color hearts makes it look very nice. This model has a quick folding sequence and if one is crisp in making their folds, they’ll be rewarded with a perfect little double heart model.

I used Japanese Washi Paper to fold this design and I wanted the plain color side as the smaller heart, specifically. I thought the transition from a single shade of color to a heart of vibrant colors would signify a heart bursting of love. The size of the paper I used was 4 inches and there is no requirement for a fine or thin sheet of paper to fold this model. Kami or regular origami paper works best and you can play around with the color combinations. The size of the finished model is approz 2 inches.

How to fold this model:

Mariano Zavala has created a clear and concise tutorial on Andrey Lukyanov’s You are always in my heart. He has explained the steps really well and I found this tutorial very easy to follow.

Zoe’s Swirl (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Zoe's Swirl (Design by Ancella Simoes)
Zoe’s Swirl (Design by Ancella Simoes)

I had taken a rather long break from folding origami and I hope to be back more regularly this year. We had a baby girl in September 2019 and my husband and I are absolutely thrilled. As you can imagine, with a baby, paper folding was on the back burner for a bit.

This model – Zoe’s Swirl – is one I have designed myself and named after my daughter. I came up with this design playing around with post it notes, which has now become a habit of mine in my very less spare time that I have.

It’s folded from 8 sheets of square paper and I have used Japanese Washi Paper which you can find on Amazon. This paper is plain on one side and printed on the other which makes a nice contrast when folding this design. The size of each of the sheets is 4 inches and completed model is around 5 inches in diameter. Since the folding sequence involves a sink, I have marked it as intermediate. However, the rest of the folding steps are relatively easy.

Star Sonobe (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)

Star Sonobe (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)
Star Sonobe (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)

I moved to Brussels, Belgium on work recently and I experienced for the first time a complete lockdown of an entire city. I was amazed at the residents’ response to the tense situation with the kittens and messages on social media. It was a nice gesture to keep people’s minds off the tension and goings on that night. Things are slowly getting back to normal with most commercial establishments, schools etc opening up today. It was the longest weekend, I think and we were only too happy to start getting back to normal.

I spent the time this weekend folding a modular design using the kami paper I still had with me. It was a good way to get my mind off things.

This is a pretty design by Maria Sinayskaya, who is well known for her lovely modular origami designs. This model is pretty here easy to fold, however the assembly is slightly tricky. You have got to be careful with the formations of the stars else you would end up having problems putting it all together. The thing to look for is the pattern of 5 spokes, forming the star all around, and if you keep to this, you will never go wrong in your assembly.

Paper to use:
Wrapping paper or regular kami paper which is single side colored will work perfectly for this model. If you do use wrapping paper, it would be a good idea to select a type which is colored plain or uniformly on one side in a single color and with another color and / or design on the other side. This will make the model much more pleasing to the eye and you can also use this as a Christmas decoration. For my rendition, I have used 30 square sheets of 3 inch kami paper, to fold the model.

How to fold:
Sara Adams has recorded a good instructional video post on folding this model. You can also take a look at her Youtube video here:

Hope you enjoy folding this model!