simple origami

Starburst (Design by Ancella Simoes)

by Ancella on December 11, 2016

in Modular & Geometric

I have been fiddling around with this design for quite a number of days, trying various folds in order to take advantage of duo colored paper and bring out a geometric design while I was at it. I came up with this design in the end and I am quite happy with the outcome. This […]


This is a simple mandala design I chose to fold this weekend. I wanted to make use of the kami paper I had purchased from Daiso a couple of years ago and thought this design would be a good choice for it. I deliberately selected a larger sized paper for this mandala, instead of the […]


This is a new model, the design for which I came up with quite by accident, a few weekends ago. It is quite simple to fold and in order to get the alternating color effect, I used sheets of paper which are single side colored (the other side is white). In all, I used 10 […]

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