Origami Rabbit (Design by John Montroll)

Rabbit (Design by John Montroll)
Rabbit (Design by John Montroll)

With Easter just around the corner, I thought of trying my hands at folding John Montroll’s Rabbit design from his book – Mythological Creatures and the Chinese Zodiac in Origami. The basic design of this model is very much similar to that of the dog I folded recently. Well, I did warn you in my last post, that I would be folding a lot more of the models from his book!

Even though the overall design was familiar, I still got caught at the stage of folding the rabbit’s ears. That part took a bit longer for me than expected but as you can see, I finally got around to completing it. The entire model took me 2 hours to fold with some extra time for tinkering with the ears, as I wasn’t too happy with the outcome of it for quite sometime.

The paper I used for this model is by Tuttle publishing – Origami Paper Animal Prints. It comes in a size of 8 ¼” inches in size (square) and it is quite convenient to fold. I avoided using the construction paper that I had with me even though I had the right shade of color in that, simply because construction paper is thicker than origami paper and makes the folds difficult and clumsy.

The design instructions for this rabbit are on pages 31 to 33 in John Montroll’s book and they are quite clearly explained. I would say that this too, is an intermediate level design and the folders attempting this should be familiar with some of the folds, like the reverse fold, sinks, etc in order to try this one out.

I would also recommend a slightly larger sized paper when trying to fold this rabbit. As you can see, I have used an 8 ¼” sized paper and the size of the completed rabbit is not more than 4”. Larger the paper, larger and better the completed model and you can fold it easily without crumpling up the paper, too.

Here’s wishing all of you a very Happy Easter!

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  1. Yeah whiskers would sure have completed the look, but of course, it would be a real pain to fold! 😉

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