Origami Crane (Design by Eric Joisel)

Origami Crane (Design by Eric Joisel)
Origami Crane (Design by Eric Joisel)

Before you exclaim “A Crane???!!!” you might want to know that this is no ordinary easy-beasy origami crane. It’s designed by none other than Eric Joisel and uses the crane base to start off. When you first start folding this model, you will find that the basic folds are the same as folding the peace crane. But voila! Once you are through with Eric Joisel’s amazing designing steps, it looks absolutely nothing like the common cranes!

What you need:
You need a square sheet of paper for this; it can be dup-colored or single-side colored origami paper. I used a 9 inch square sheet of single-side colored origami paper to fold this crane.

How to fold the crane:
You start off with a bird base and then proceed to fold that into the crane base as shown in the video below. Next, when bringing the lower “dissected’ portions of the base upwards in a reverse fold, make sure that you make one of these absolutely firm while the other one should be just propped up lightly. This one (lightly propped) will become the tail of the crane which needs to be made ‘full’. The one which you have firmed up becomes the neck and head of it.

Ideally, you would not need to wet fold this model, as you can shape it with your fingers with ease. The part which is really tricky to fold are the feathers as part of the wings. This requires you to ‘pleat’ the paper with a 1 mm gap in between each pleat and curve the end of it.

I hope you find this instructional video easy to follow!

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