Mushrooms (Design by Vincent Floderer)

Mushrooms (Design by Vincent Floderer)
Mushrooms (Design by Vincent Floderer)

Sara Adams found this instructional video on YouTube this week and had a post regarding it on her site. Seeing that, I couldn’t resist trying it out myself, since I was amazed by the fact that this model can be ‘crumpled’ into a mushroom in approx 2 to 3 minutes flat!

The result is absolutely stunning as the mushroom looks very life like (if you ignore the fact that its purple in my version :D).

Paper to use:
One would need to use “flexible” paper of medium thickness to create this model. The paper I chose was the plain old ’tissue’ paper which you get in gift shops or in places like Walmart and CVS which have gift wrapping sections. I still have paper remaining from the Cattleya Orchid for which I had bought this color for, so I decided to use sheets from that pack.

Size of the paper:
What I did was, I simply took out a fresh sheet of paper from the tissue pack. This was rectangular in size measuring approx (50.8cm x 66 cm) or (20 in x 2.1 ft). This is the standard measure in which these tissue packs are sold – for use in gift wrapping. As per Sara’s post you can also use a square sheet of paper of 48 cm size. I faced no issues using a rectangular sheet of paper. So I will leave the choice of the paper shape entirely up to you 🙂

How to fold the mushroom:
This particular design uses a technique called ‘crumpling’ in order to give shape and ‘life like’ appearance to objects. Vincent Floderer is famous for using this technique and designing many ingenious models, especially sea creatures.

You can check out the following instructional video by Vincent Floderer himself. I am sure you will find the video easy to follow and will soon be making your very own mushrooms. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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