3D Omega star

3D Omega star
3D Omega star

I chose this simple modular origami design as a gift one of my colleagues at work. This is different from John Montroll’s Omega star since this particular ones uses 6 sheets (or 3 pairs of different colored paper) whereas John Montroll’s design uses just one sheet of square origami paper.

This model took me about 15 to 20 minutes to fold and I found it pretty simple.

Paper to use:

I used 3 pairs of different colored printed origami paper measuring 8 1/4 inches and double sided. You can also select 6 sheets of paper all of a single color if you wish to do so. The paper you used should be square in shape and you cal also experiment with with using wrapping paper for this model.

How to fold the 3D omega star:

There is a very detailed instructional video on YouTube.com and this is what I have followed in order to fold this model. I hope you too find it easy to follow…

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  1. Hi Mike, did you view the instructional video I have linked to in the post? The assembly is explained in detail in it. It is based on interlocking the various pieces as shown in the video. Once you are done with this, you can fold the tips / edges to form the star like design.

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