Sailing Ship (Design by Francesco Miglionico)

Sailing Ship (Design by Francesco Miglionico)
Sailing Ship (Design by Francesco Miglionico)

This is a model from the book – License to Fold, by Nicholas Terry. It is a fairly simple design and requires the use of duo colored paper, or simply – one-sided colored paper, if you would like to have the sails of the boat in white.

This model is to be folded in combination with the ‘ploughing waves’ to add to the sea effect, but as you can see, I have merrily skipped that part for my fold.

Paper to use:

This model requires that you use a square sheet of paper measuring at least 6 inches in size. This is because some of the folds are intricate, especially when it comes to folding the sails at the rear and therefore you wouldn’t want that your model turn out to be a crumpled bit of paper in the end due to sheer frustration! 😀

I have used a 9-inch square sheet of one-sided origami paper colored purple. In this case, my sails would remain white with the sides, bow etc of the ship being purple in color. I have started with the white or blank side facing upwards; hence, if you are using duo-colored paper you need to start off with the color in which you want the sails to turn out to be in the end facing upwards i.e. towards you.

How to fold this model:

You can find the diagram to this model in the book – License to Fold, by Nicholas Terry – this is a compilation of diagrams of his, as well as those which were requested from various artists / origami creators by him. I got this bit of information from Gilad Aharoni’s Book review, which I think are very informative and helpful.

This book is not available on Amazon or any other bookstore around, except for “” where you can purchase it.

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