12-Fold Flower Tower (Design by Chris Palmer)

I watched the documentary – Between the Folds – last Sunday and was awestruck at the ease in which Chris Palmer folded up his Flower Tower. It came almost naturally to him (and thats probably because he designed it, anyway). The model by itself is pretty intricate with layered folds accompanied with a “twist” on each layer to flatten the creases into a flower.

I came across this video on Vimeo.com today and thought of sharing it with you all. It is from Chris Palmer’s video channel on Vimeo.com and in this video recording, he shows the collapsing and twisting of the layers to form the 12-fold Flower Tower. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

12-Fold Flower Tower from Chris K. Palmer on Vimeo.

Diagrams & Crease Patterns for the Flower Tower:
You will find the crease pattern for this model in Origami Tanteidan 8th convention book, Chris Palmer’s Flowers Collection 1 CD as well as OUSA Convention book 1996. The CD Flowers Collection 1 can be bought through his website and contains CPs / video tutorials to simple tato (purse), more complex Progression Flower, Male and Female Flowers and 11 Flower Tower patterns.

One thought on “12-Fold Flower Tower (Design by Chris Palmer)”

  1. Hi Ancella,

    Thanks for providing the video- it really helped me figure out the Flower Tower:) Have you figured it out yet? I will be glad to help you with some text instructions! I didnt know that this model was in a Tanteidan Convention and an OUSA Convention books- thanks for telling me! I am going to go to the OUSA Lending Library to get it! This particular 12 Fold FT is not in Flowers Collection 1, the one in the CD is the 12 point version of the regular 8 Fold FT you would see. This FT isnt published anywhere, you have to learn it yourself. There is a CP that is very hidden, on the Independent Lens website for Between The Folds. You have to play ” Match The Folds ” and get the 2 FT CP’s available at the end of the game. Hope this helps!


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