Rabbit (Design by Tai, Hsi-Min)

Rabbit (Design by Tai, Hsi-Min)
Rabbit (Design by Tai, Hsi-Min)

It was last week that Tai, Hsi-Min posted pictures of a really cute little rabbit. The first thing which came to your mind when you saw it was imagining it in a green meadow twitching its nose.

It is designed with a pose similar to that of Robert Lang’s Rabbit but Tai, Hsi-Min’s design can be folded in 40 steps. No details as regards to the paper size and type of paper are indicated on his site, but it sure looks like he has chosen tissue fur to fold the Rabbit.

Paper used:
I, for one, attempted to fold this model using Tissue fur of a pearly white color, duo-colored. I chose tissue fur based paper due to the fact that some amount of shaping was required for the rabbit’s ears, face and back. The size of the paper I used is 15 cms or approx 6 inches, square. I started folding the rabbit with the tissue or shiny side up, so that’s what you see in the accompanying picture.

How to fold the Rabbit:
Tai, Hsi-Min has created and shared clear diagrams on his Flickr account. They are pretty easy to follow and clearly indicate the various folds and that you need to start with the color side facing you (in case you are using a single side colored paper). One thing you have got to be careful with when following the diagrams is the alignment and orientation of the in progress model. The indicators to ‘turn over’ the model whilst folding is missing in some of the diagrams. But then again, its not all that big a deal.

Jo Nakashima has a good instructional video for this model on his YouTube channel, too.

I folded this Rabbit for my husband, whose favorite animal it is, and he wanted it in a shade of white. 🙂

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  1. hi..very nice designs .i like very much but what paper ur using let me know? i mean name of the paper and where can i puachrse it? let me know plzzzz ..?

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