Decoration Box (Design by Lewis Simon)

Decoration Box (Design by Lewis Simon)
Decoration Box (Design by Lewis Simon)

This is the first model I have attempted which is designed by Lewis Simon. Its a simple modular design and requires 12 sheets of paper. Depending upon the print / kind of paper you select, you can make a lot of difference in the overall outcome of the model.

I thought I’d give modular origami models another go as I have not folded modular designs for quite some time, now. The problem I feel is that it gets too monotonous for me and with the intricate models requiring at least 30 units, my patience wears thin.

So, with choosing modulars now, I first check to see how many sheets / units are required to complete the model in all. A maximum of 15 sheets or so, and I feel I can have a go at it.

Paper to use:
I have used traditional Kami or common origami paper measuring 15cms or 5 7/8 inches in size. These are shaded blue on one side and completely white on the other. You start with the white side facing down to fold each of these units. The folding sequence is very simple to follow and there are 12 steps to fold each of the units. It is advisable that the paper you select has a different color on either side in order to take advantage of the color changing scheme of the design.

How to fold this Decoration box:
The diagrams to Lewis Simon’s Decoration box can be found in the book – Modular Origami Polyhedra, Revised and Enlarged Edition – which he co-authored with Bennett Arnstein and Rona Gurkewitz.

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