Eagle Ray (Design by Satoshi Kamiya)

Eagle Ray (Design by Satoshi Kamiya)
Eagle Ray (Design by Satoshi Kamiya)

I wanted to fold something different this week, so I decided to fold Satoshi Kamiya’s Eagle Ray from his book – Works of Satoshi KAMIYA. I have not folded anything from this book, to tell you honestly, besides the ‘Yellow Bird‘. I find almost all of the models pretty intricate, complex and time consuming to hold. So I end up closing the book and looking for something else to fold.

Paper to use:
In the book, it is suggested that a square sheet of paper measuring 15cm x 15cm be used for this model. I used common Kami paper as this is my first fold of this model. You can try folding this with tant or any other thin paper of your choice, too. The kami paper I used in the image above is single-side colored i.e. grey on one side and white on the other. You need to start folding with the white side facing upwards (towards you). I have wet folded my rendition of the model to give it a more ‘swimming’ or ‘flowing’ look. This is of course, an optional step.

How to fold this model:
Works of Satoshi KAMIYA

As you would be very well aware by now, Satoshi Kamiya does not wish to have any instructional videos created / recorded of his work. So, in order to fold this model, you would need to have the book. This book, Works of Satoshi KAMIYA might I mention, is well worth it because it has a diagrams to a lot of complex models. The diagrams to the Bahamut Dragon, Ancient Dragon and Divine Boar are also included in this book. However, I should add that this book is for experienced folders only. There are no simple and lower intermediate models in it, at all – all of the models are complex.

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