Modular Ring (Design by Paolo Bascetta)

Modular Ring (Design by Paolo Bascetta)
Modular Ring (Design by Paolo Bascetta)

I am still on the hunt for easy to fold modular designs which do not require more than 16 – 18 sheets of paper. I have found yet another one in Paolo Bascetta’s variation of the Santiago Ring. Well actually, this is also a variation of Mette Pederson’s Ring, too.

This model took me around half an hour to fold (all units) and includes assembly time, too. It was surprisingly quick and easy to fold and the assembly is also quite simple. The ‘pockets’ which are formed with the ends of the paper holds when the units are interconnected.

As with most modulars, you can attempt folding this design with almost any kind of paper you have except delicate tissue paper, which of course will not ‘stand’ / be firm when you finish assembling the ring.

Paper to use:
As you must be aware, modular pieces are good for using those left over papers, which you have. Kami or common origami paper is a great a choice for these models along with thicker kinds such as kraft paper and elephant hide. I have used 15 cms or 5 7/8 inches single side colored kami paper to fold the ring you see in the image. You will have to start folding with the white side facing upwards / you.

If you make a clever paper design / pattern choice, you can form other patterns within the ring as long as you fold the paper in the appropriate manner. If you see my rendition of the model, you can see a whitish cloud like pattern running in the form of a rin towards the center. I ended up with this, by simply starting to fold the patterned paper in the same angle / way – for all sheets, keeping a certain white blotch I saw on the sheet on the bottom right (whilst folding).

Modular Ring (Design by Paolo Bascetta)
Modular Ring (Design by Paolo Bascetta)

How to fold these units:

The diagrams to Paolo Bascetta’s Modular ring are available in Vicente Palacios’ Papiroflexia Coleccion. However, for those of you who do not have that book, you can also follow this tutorial:

You can find Mette Pederson’s Ring Diagrams here. In order to modify the folding to get the block like design of Paolo Bascetta’s, in step 9 (in the folding sequence, instead of folding a mountain fold as shown in the diagram, make 2 mountain folds on either side. These 2 mountain folds can be made equidistant from the center and the line made by the flap folded over. The width – between the folds you make – will indicate how ‘thick’ or wide ur model will be i.e. each unit when you interlock them.

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