Carambola (Design by Carmen Sprung)

Carambola (Design by Carmen Sprung)
Carambola (Design by Carmen Sprung)

I was in the mood of folding patterns today so after I got back from work I dug out Carmen Sprung’s Carambola, which Sara Adams so kindly shared the instructional video for.

These flowers look really pretty when completed and they are pretty easy to fold, too.

Paper to use:
You can select any paper of your choice, including wrapping paper. However, you should remember that the paper you choose should be heavy and not the tissue paper kind. This is because, the petals are formed solely on the basis of the paper you have chosen. A flimsy or thin paper will not allow you to form the petals, at all.

I have used single-side colored kami paper to fold the flowers and as you can see from the accompanying image, it does not really matter whether the paper is single-side colored or duo-colored.

Each of the flowers are from a single sheet of paper and that too, from a pentagon shaped sheet. It takes around 20 mins to fold a flower and this time includes cutting out your pentagon.

How to fold the Carambola flowers:
You have to start with the white colored side facing up. Or if you are using duo-colored paper, the color you wish your flower to be, should be facing downwards and not towards you. Sara Adams has also recorded a very good instructional video on this model. Further, she has also demonstrated how to obtain a pentagon from a square sheet of paper. Do check out the video below:

Carambola Kusudama:
If you like modular designs, you can make a floral kusudama out of your carambola flowers. Leyla Torres of Origami-Spirit fame has blogged about it and in there detailed out the process of creating the final floral kusudama. You can read it here.

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  1. Thank you for your comment! The instructions are by Sara Adams whose site I have linked to in my post. Her blog is great for tips, detailed instructions as well as making your own paper (tissue foil, especially).

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