Rat (Design by Eric Joisel)

Rat (Eric Joisel)
Rat (Eric Joisel)

A new book – which is a joint effort by his friends at MFPP (French Origami Association – Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papiers) and Nicolas Terry (of Origami-shop.com) – was released a week ago. This contained diagrams of Eric Joisel’s designs as well as write-ups and never before published pictures of him and his work.

I ordered this book – Eric Joisel – as soon as it was released and I just received it yesterday in the mail. I am absolutely pleased with the book and the contents / diagrams. Even though it is in the French language, I think it is a very good keep-sake book, especially since it is a tribute to Eric Joisel.

Eric Joisel

Paper to use:
I have folded this rat from a 25 cm square sheet of Tant paper which is brown on both sides (duo-colored). I have tried folding this rat with a smaller sheet of paper, too and found it pretty much alright.

How to Fold Eric Joisel’s Rat:
I have referred to the diagrams in the newly published book – Eric Joisel – in order to fold this. You would also be aware that Sara Adams of Happyfolding.com has also recorded and shared a very good instructional video.

In addition to these sources, you will also find the diagrams on Eric Joisel’s site. There will be directions / notes on how to reach the diagrams on that page when you visit the site.

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