Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova)

Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova) - Backlit
Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova) - Backlit

A few weeks ago, Dasa Severova designed a very pretty Perpetua flower design; what’s more is that she also took the pains to take a series of photo diagrams of the folding sequence and share it with everyone.

This floral design is indeed very pretty and if you are at ease with squash folds, and multiple collapses of paper, you should be fine.

Paper to use:
For my rendition, I have used duo colored tant paper measuring 35 cms in size. You can choose to fold this design with Kami paper, tissue foil or any paper you like. Paper measuring a minimum of 9 – 10 inches should be used as this design has a series of folds which will become quite tough if you fold it using a small sheet of paper to begin with.

Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova)
Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova)

From the square, you will have to cut out an Octagon, which is what you will begin your folding with. When starting to fold, in case you are using single-side colored paper, remember to start with the colored side facing you / upwards.

The completed model of mine measures approximately 9 inches in size.

How to fold the Floral Perpetua:
Dasa Severova has generously shared the instructional album on Flickr. She has demonstrated 3 levels of collapsing / folding and she does mention that you can increase this number if you feel like it. Tips on variations are also provided by her in the folding sequence.

Have a great week ahead!

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  1. Thank you Ultimate Origami & Leyla. Yes, Dasa creates lovely origami designs and this model is fun to fold, too. You should give it a try sometime! 🙂

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