Origami Lotus (Traditional)

Origami Lotus (Traditional)
Origami Lotus (Traditional)

Browsing the net for folding ideas and instructional videos, I came across this pretty Lotus which is a ‘traditional’ design. It is a very model to fold and takes about 10 to 15 minutes in all.

You need 4 square sheets of Origami paper – Kami or any other paper of your choice. You will use these to fold the petals for the lotus. You then have to fold each of the sheets into half and cut. Cutting 4 sheets into half gives you 8 rectangular pieces which you then proceed to fold as per the instructions in the video below.

For the leaves, you need 2 square sheets of paper (same size as the petals), which you then cut into half. So you will have 4 papers for the leaves, now.

How to fold this design:

Tadashi Mori has recorded a pretty good instructional video on folding this design and I am sure you will find it easy to follow.

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