Boar (Design by Do Tri Khai)

Boar Do Tri Khai
Boar (Design by Do Tri Khai)

I have been folding rather on and off this year and it’s been long since I have posted anything on this blog. I do try to fold a design or two every weekend, but sometimes, it is just not possible.

This is a design which I folded sometime in October last year, but never got around to posting it.

Its a nice design of a Boar by Do Tri Khai and I really liked the folding sequence. It is surprisingly quick to fold and there are no tricky or really complicated folds in the instructions.

Paper to use:
You can fold this design with kraft, tant or even kami paper. The folds are simple enough for those with a little folding experience, to follow.

How to fold Do Tri Khai’s Boar :
Diagrams to this model are availabe in’s The Fold, i.e. the September-October 2012 Issue.

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