12 Point Flower Tower (Design by Chris K. Palmer)

12 point Flower Tower (Design by Chris K. Palmer)
12 point Flower Tower (Design by Chris K. Palmer)

This is one model which I have been trying to fold in the last few weeks. My first attempt failed miserably with me not being able to collapse the first layer itself. This is the tricky part since the paper simply refuses to stay put at times, when folding it all around.

I gave this design another go last weekend and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get through the first layer in two tries. What I did differently this time around was to make sure that the pre-creases were firm and sharp. I think this this helped a lot, as the paper started falling into place along the creases made.

Once you get through the first layer, the second and third are pretty much alright since you would already know how to nudge the paper into place. If you start off with a large sized paper, you can have multiple layers.

The Origami artist who has designed this wonderful model – Chris Palmer – has himself made an instructional video with Jeremy Shafer and he explains the steps and pre-creasing clearly and also provides tips on what to expect and how to go about the folding sequence.

Paper to Use:
Tant or craft paper measuring approx. 15 inches in size, duo-colored. You can also Kraft paper to fold this model. Extremely thin or fine tissue paper would not go for this model, since there are numerous folds and you need a strong paper which will not give way with the folding.

How to fold:
Jeremy Shafer has recorded and shared a great video of Chris Palmer himself teaching the folding sequence for this amazing 12 point Flower Tower. It is extremely detailed with very helpful hints along the way.

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