Clover Kusudama (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)

Clover Kusudama (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)
Clover Kusudama (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)

I folded a kusudama after a very long time and it took me about 4 hours in all to fold and assemble this design. The model itself looks complicated with the layered or frilly look but the individual units are pretty easy to fold once you’ve got the hang of it. I usually do not fold kusudama designs since they are time consuming and monotonous. But this time around, I found this pretty pattern and thought I would give it a try. These Kusudama designs look pretty when hung from a height or can be used as table decoration in the house.

Paper to use:
I have used 30, 3 inch square sheets of single side colored Kami paper to fold the model. I think this is the ideal size of paper to use as larger sized sheets would mean larger ‘edges’ (those half cube structures which you seen in the design) between the folds and this would make the model less compact. It is easier to manage the assembly with the units folded from these smaller sheets, too. You do not require any paperclips or pins to hold the in-progress model together while you assemble it all; you just require patience. One can use wrapping paper or any similar textured paper to fold this model. Tissue paper or extremely fine paper should be avoided.

How to fold the Clover Kusudama:
Maria Sinayskaya has diagrammed the folding sequence and also provided links to the instructional video recorded explaining this folding process. Further, she also includes color photographs of the finished model in various paper color combinations to give folders an idea of the kind of paper to use.

I found the video by Jo Nakashima pretty clear and very helpful especially where the assembly process is concerned and therefore I thought I would share it with you all, too. Jo makes the extra effort of cross referencing each step in the diagrammed folding sequence with that of the step in the instructional video, too.

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