Origami Mandala Hanabi (Design by Nani Suwarni)

Origami Mandala Hanabi (Design by Nani Suwarni)
Origami Mandala Hanabi (Design by Nani Suwarni)

I came across this design while browsing through the Internet trying to decide what to fold today. These Mandalas are very pretty and look great when folded with patterned paper. Once can also decorate the finished Mandala with an embellishment in the center like a bead or a crystal and use a cord to make a hanging out of it and they will look gorgeous!

I made this out of regular Kami paper and thought of using solid colors which are all different colored in order to give the finished model a contrasting look. These are quick to fold and usually consist of just 8 sheets of paper.

Paper to use:
The kind of paper you use here i.e. the pattern or design is what gives an added effect to the overall look. If you select double sided paper which is colored differently on either side, the model will look better given that you have the underside of the paper also visible in certain places. One can also use pretty patterned wrapping paper to fold this model. The minimum size of paper you should use is 3 inch square sheets, the finished model measures approx 3.5 inches in diameter once completed (using 3 inch sheets).

How to fold Mandala Hanabi:
The designer of this model – Nani Suwarni – shared the diagrams to this model on her Facebook page and that’s what I have followed in order to fold this pretty design. 8 sheets of square paper are required to fold this design and the diagrams are pretty clear. One does need to have a little folding experience prior to folding this design as there are a reverse folds involved in the folding sequence.

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