Mondrian Cube (Design by David Mitchell)

Mondrian Cube (Design by David Mitchell)
Mondrian Cube (Design by David Mitchell)

Leya Torres of posted this rather lovely model a few days ago and I could not resist trying it out this weekend. It is a design by David Mitchell, based on the famous Piet Mondrian painting and with the correct choice of colored paper to fold, one can achieve the same effect.

Leyla demonstrates the folding sequence using 3 colored sheets and this would give you a simple combination of two colors per side of the cube. However, in order to achieve the color combination like in the Mondrian painting, one would need to use a combination of colors and this concept has also been explained in the video, towards the end.

Paper to use:
One can use almost any kind of paper for this model, as long as its thick enough to hold a crease or edge of a cube. I have used regular kami paper measuring 3 inches in size, single side colored. The resulting model is about 2 inches in height, width and length. If you are using single-side colored paper, like I did, you would have to start with the white side facing upwards or towards you.

How to fold the Mondrian Cube:
In her detailed blog post, Leyla Torres has recorded a nice instructional video and also provides tips on folding this model.

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