Wizard (Design by Hojyo Takashi)

Wizard (Design by Hojyo Takashi)
Wizard (Design by Hojyo Takashi)

This is a design I started folding three weekends ago and completed today, folding about 2-3 hours each weekend. I have folded this model before using Kami paper and I wanted to try it again using a better variety of paper. My first thought was to go for a duo colored tissue foil paper however, I saw this particular kind in the local paper shop here in Brussels which had a different texture and I thought I would give it a try. I quite like the outcome and I think it’s come out much better than the kami version.

This model is quite complex to fold and there were times, especially on steps 75 – 80 where I found myself opening up and re-folding the creases multiple times. It’s been a long time since I picked up a complex model to fold and I quite enjoyed folding this model. I think the maroon color of the paper combined with the beige gives the model a good look overall and I am very glad that I chose this color combination to fold this amazing model with.

Paper to use:
One can use regular kami or any thin paper which is colored differently on each side (duo colored) to fold this model. Thicker paper such as copy paper would make it difficult to hold the layers of folds especially for the wizard’s staff and therefore is not a good choice.

How to fold the model:
The diagrams for this model are in the Origami Tanteidan Magazine No. 109 which can be purchased from Japan Origami Society or from Origami-shop.com when available.

My earlier redition of this fold can be found here, which is folded with regular single side colored Kami paper. As you can see, shaping the wizard’s beard is not very easy using kami paper. I like the paper I have used today to fold the model simply because it is slightly thicker than kami and with the maroon and beige combination, it gives the wizard a very striking look.

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