Roulette Star (Design by Evan Zodl)

Roulette Star (Design by Evan Zodl)

I folded one other modular star this week and I am pleasantly surprised with this particular design. Evan Zodl’s dainty star is very much inspired by Maria Sinayskaya’s modulars and comes with intricate folding but the surprise in this is the so-easy assembly!

Usually, it is the assembly which requires pegs and holders to keep units in place, but this one is as easy as they come. Duo colored paper works best for this model, especially to make use of the center design. This is a lower intermediate design, but beginners with practice in folding, will get by easily with the help of Evan’s video instructions.

I have used my go-to pack of small-ish 4 inch Japanese Washi papers to fold this design. You can use normal kami paper or even wrapping paper to fold this design. Evan suggests to use 4 inch sized paper at least to fold this design, with the resulting model measuring around 6 inches in size.

How to fold this design:

Take a look at Evan Zodl‘s detailed tutorial here:

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