Amazing Firecrackers (Design by Yami Yamauchi)

Completed Model
Completed Model

These pretty firecrackers are made from solid colored Origami papers. One can use any sized square sheets of origami paper, but you should remember that larger the size, the bigger the model and smaller the size, the more difficult to fold!

Origami Base:

The firecracker uses a “waterbomb” base with a little twist to it.

What you need:

You require 12 sheets of origami paper, preferably 6 different colors and therefore 2 of each.

Here’s the way to fold the model:

This video on YouTube by Sara Adams, provides very detailed steps and explanations as to how to go about folding this model.

A different pattern
A different pattern


One just requires a little patience in folding this intriguing model. This is especially when you come to connecting the 2 ends of the row of house shaped pieces you have. You have to be careful in folding the ends so as to not tear any piece.

However, you will find a few of the “connecting folds” opening up as you try and connect the 2 ends. Please tuck these folds in as you try and complete the model.

I have uploaded a couple of pics of the model I folded. Each of these are of a different view of the firecracker, after I turned it inside-out.