Kusudama – Medallion

Medallion Kusudama
Medallion Kusudama

This I think, is the most simple of all Kusudama designs and can be attempted by beginners too. There are many variants in this design, and all of them use the same base as a start.

In the model above, I cut out little circles from sheet of gold foil, the size of a dime and pasted them at the centre of each unit. This avoids the tips of the medallions from ‘poking out’ untidily.

One can also cut out square pieces of paper, of a contrasting color, and paste them over the centre of each medallion, but, diagonally, in order to give the model a little complicated design.

However, for those who firmly believe that Origami should only make use of Paper, and only paper, beware! This kusudama requires each of the medallions to be glued to each other and the centre circle, if chosen to be used, needs to be glued too.

The final model, if whether you choose to paste the medallion centres or not, looks pretty, nonetheless. I also think, that, there should be a way to ‘interlock’ the medallion units without having to use glue.

I have used 6 sheets of different colored paper and in this case, it is printed paper I have made use of. The design, I have picked up from the book – Origami

You might find this video by Syribia helpful in folding this model.