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This is a post round up news and releases in the Origami world – well things that caught my eye, anyway, and which I found interesting. 🙂

Calendar 2012 - La Justa de las Gárgolas

Calendar 2012 – La Justa de las Gárgolas: This is one great Origami themed calendar which is available in Nicolas Terry’s shop, and what’s more, is that it’s a free e-book which is available for download! This calendar is made with the colaboration of the various artists who participated in the recently held competition by Eric Madrigal in honor of Monsieur Eric Joisel. The images in the calendar is from this online competition / Joust and is in color. The designs are truly awesome with works from various Origami artists showcased for each month of the year. This is a great calendar to have for all you Origami Enthusiasts.


Oribana Calendars : These are designed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov and are easy to make and very simple in concept. They double up as pencil & pen holders for your desk in addition to being a desk calendar.


Convention: 29th CDO 2011: Garibi Ilan has done a good write up on the CDO convention held this year. Special at this convention was a Origami themed fashion show with all ‘garments’ made out of paper! There was a well stocked Origami shop at the convention, too with all the latest origami books and papers. Another great display at the convention was Paul Hassenforder’s ceiling to floor tessellations – truly amazing!


Addendum Revista

Addendum Revista “4 Esquinas N°7” : Christmas Special: This is a Christmas Special e-book of the popular 4 Esquinas magazine. It contains diagrams and color images of the finished model of David Martinez’s Double Star or Estrella Doble. This is a fabulous design for the Christmas Season and uses a hexagon shaped paper to create the star.

Also included in this magazine is a mention of the new Competition / Joust hosted by Eric Madrigal. This time – for the year 2012 – it will be held in honor of Tomoko Fuse – for her immense contribution to the Origami World. You can visit Eric Madrigal’s Special blog post about this competition for more details. There are multiple categories in the competition and the rules, details and timelines are all included in this blog post.


Exquisite Modular Origami: Meenakshi Mukerji has come out with yet another book, based on modular designs. So if you are into modulars and a fan of her work, this is definitely a book you should get your hands on. Her designs have a distinct aesthetic look to it and the best part is that her folding sequence is quite easy to follow and simple.


HoĂ ng Tiáşżn Quyáşżt’s Santa Claus: This brilliant origami designer has drawn up the diagrams to his ingenious model – Santa Claus. He has shared photo diagrams of the folding sequence on the Vietnam Origami Group forum.


Oriland Magic Star: This is a new book by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov and is a book on action models. To be more precise, it is more of action star models. 🙂 It makes use of both strips of paper as well as square sheets of paper to fold these pretty stars. The authors say its intermediate level designs and can be folded by experienced folders.

Sakura Star (Design by David MartĂ­nez)

Sakura Stars (Design by David MartĂ­nez)
Sakura Stars (Design by David MartĂ­nez)

This weekend, I attempted to fold the Sakura Stars, which are pretty tessellation based stars desgined by David MartĂ­nez and are not at all complex to fold.

I came across pictures of the finished model on Flickr and found that the designer had generously also shared the photo diagrams to it!

Paper to Use:
You can fold these stars from Kami, or any paper which is not too thick. You should be able to pre-crease and fold it quite easily without having the folds too stiff. You can also choose to use glassine paper like MĂ©lisande* did for backlighting purposes.

To start with, you would need to cut out a pentagon from your square sheet of paper. For this, you can check out the video David MartĂ­nez has linked to (Sara Adams’ instructional video). The paper size you can use should be not less than 6 inches in size at bare minimum. For a first fold, you might want to start with something bigger.

The photo diagrams David MartĂ­nez has shared are very detailed and shows all the creases and folds / collapsing sequence required to form these pretty stars.

For my rendition, I used single side colored Kami paper measuring 5 7/8 inches. I have curved the petals slightly to give the it a more “floral” look.

Thank you, David, for sharing the photo diagrams to this pretty model!

Links: Origami Mohalia diagram, Eric Joisel’s tribute book, Dalas Dimitris’ Origami Creations and the Sakura Star Tessellation

Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Top View
Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Top View

I am really pleased that my first origami design – Mohalia – got published in an online magazine. I’m absolutely over the moon about it and I hope some of you would take time to fold my design. It is a simple design to fold and requires only 16 sheets of paper.

Reference fold #2

I have also been trying to think of what to fold next, with the half finished models still lying around the place and thinking of other origami projects which I am wanting to start off with. So I really haven’t got anywhere in terms of progress and I am hoping this weekend, I will get around to doing something.

Reference fold #2: My design – ‘Mohalia’ – is a floral origami pattern based on the dahlia flower and consists of 16 interlocked units. I had submitted this design to Joshua Goutam for his online Magazine – Reference fold #2 – a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to see it in the latest copy of his magazine.

I have got another of my diagrams submitted to OrigamiUSA, for which I am awaiting confirmation for publishing. I have only just started designing and diagramming, so it takes me a long time and there are many iterations with the portrayal of diagrams.

Eric Joisel

Eric Joisel Tribute book: This is a nice little tribute to Eric Joisel which came about due to the joint efforts of MFPP (French Origami Association – Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papiers) and Nicolas Terry of This book has lots of unpublished photographs of Eric Joisel, Diagrams to the Rat, Rooster, Aberdeen, baby dragon, Fish, Dwarf, Cat, 3D Penguin, Little demon and finally Nguyen Hung Cuong’s amazing Mask which he designed and folded as a tribute to the master himself.

I purchased this Tribute book recently and have folded the Rat from it. That was my second attempt of the same model but with Tant paper. The photographs in the book are really good and give an insight into the work and life of Monsieur Eric Joisel. There are a few color images of his art and the langage of the articles and write up is French. I think this is a good book to buy for those who would like to have something of Eric Joisel to remember him and his amazing work. This is even though most of the diagrams in the book are already available online.

My Origami Creations

Dalas Dimitris’ My Origami Creations: This is yet another book which has some amazing Origami designs. My favorite is the motorbike which looks very detailed and complex. You can also appreciate that the pegasus design is really great and the end result is majestic. I do not own a copy of this book and I have not attempted folding any if his designs so I am unable to tell you more about this designer and his work.

Sakura Star Tessellation: David Martinez who is known for his intricate tessellations which he almost always backlights, has come up with yet another ingenious tessellation design – the Sakura Star tessellation. What’s more is that he has generously shared the photo diagrams to this pretty design in his Flickr Album. I am yet to attempt folding this design, and when I do, I shall blog about it.

Fabian Correa’s Angel: This is a very delicate looking design which I think will make a good Christmas tree topper. It’s a pity we will have to wait till Christmas to use it though. It is fun to fold and not at all complicated. Further, you can vary the choice of paper you use for this design. You will be able to find the diagrams to it in the designer – Fabian Correa’s Flicker Album. Also, Cavemanboon has gone ahead and tweaked it a little to make it a lot more gracious and dainty – you can check that out here.