Florucha (Design by Isa Klien)

Florucha (Design by Isa Klein)

I folded a simple design today after a long break from folding. I have been side tracked with work and a lot of other things going on which kept me quite busy.

This particular design has been quite popular on Facebook, especially, with both the designer and other folders creating lovely patterns and incorporating fancy add-ons such as tassels, beads and strings to their designs.

One point worth mentioning about this design is that it is difficult to incorporate some of the folds – especially int he ‘petals’ area – if the paper you have is too thick. The thick craft paper you get in the supermarkets may not be a good choice for this at all.

Paper to use:
This floral pattern can be folded from any kind of paper, especially if the paper itself has a pretty pattern. Wrapping paper, kami paper is a good choice for this design. The minimum size of paper sheet required is approx 15 cm. 2 sheets of paper are required which you will then have to cut into 6 strips of equal length (i.e. 3 strips out of a single sheet). Pasting a thin sheet of paper such as tissue paper on the back side of this patterned paper will give the completed model a nice contrasting look.

How to fold a Florucha:
Isa Klein of Diagramas & Cia has taken the effort to create and record instructions on folding this prety design. She also demonstrates, in her instructional video, on how to attach the glass bead at the center, a tassel and string in order to make this a hanging ornament or as a gift.