Rose (Design by Evi Binzinger)

Rose (Design by Evi Binzinger)
Rose (Design by Evi Binzinger)

This is a design diagrammed and shared by Evi Binzinger on Flickr. This design is a lot easier than other Rose designs out there, but there is effort required to get the curves for the petals especially – as with all origami floral designs which emphasize on the beauty and bloom of the flower.

I found this design quite easy to fold and shape – the folding sequence is easy to follow and the instructions are very clear. You can combine this design with a design for leaves by other origami designers to get a prettier look, too.

Paper to use:
The designer suggests the use of foiled paper, wet folded paper and duo colored paper for folding this model. I used 15cm sized square sheet of duo colored tant paper which I purchased from a quaint little Japanese shop in Little Tokyo, LA, a few weeks ago.

How to fold this pretty rose:
The designer – Evi Binzinger – has taken the trouble of diagramming the folding sequence for this design and has also generously shared them on Flickr.


Have a great week ahead!

Origami Swan (Design by Hoàng Tiến Quyết)

Swan (Design by Hoàng Tiến Quyết)
Swan (Design by Hoàng Tiến Quyết)

This is one design which has been lying unfinished on my table for quite some time. I had trouble on one particular step in the folding process and just couldn’t get past that step.

Luckily for me (and a lot of other folders, as well) Tadashi Mori who is well known for his instructional videos on various designs by different Origami Artists, has created a very detailed and helpful instructional video on H.T.Quyet’s Swan.

Paper to use:

This model requires shaping, so care should be taken as to not to use very thick paper. My rendition is in Tant paper which is duo colored in white. The paper shape to start with is a triangle – and the size of the paper I started out with is approximately 14.5 inches (hypotenuse), and 10.25 inches for the other 2 sides.

How to fold H.T.Quyet’s Origami Swan:

The diagrams to this model can be found in Origami Tanteidan #16. The folding sequence consists of 35 steps and this instructional video explains each and every step in details providing a lot of references when folding. This makes it easier to complete folding the model, too.

You can also check out the instructional video by Tadashi Mori which you can view below:

Double Star Puff Pyramid (Design by Robin Scholz)

Double Star Puff Pyramid (Design by Robin Scholz) - Top View
Double Star Puff Pyramid (Design by Robin Scholz) - Top View

This is a design I folded today after getting back from work. This is a design by Robin Scholz which has a nice and interesting folding sequence. The end result is a dainty star puff which you can also tweak to have variations.

My attempt of this design is in tant paper measuring approx 9 inches in size, which I have cut into a Hexagon. This is double colored green on both sides. There are two versions of the diagrams made available by Robin – one which is a condensed version and the other a more elaborate sequence which can be followed much more easily. You can find both here.

How to cut a Hexagon from a square or rectangular piece of paper:
Based on your choice and size of paper, you should be able to follow Sara Adams’ helpful video on cutting a hexagon shaped paper.

Links: Sparrow CP, Fox Diagrams, new VOG and JOAS Tanteidan # 17

Fox (Designed and folded by Hoàng Tiến Quyết)
Fox (Designed & folded by Hoàng Tiến Quyết)

I haven’t posted in a while even though I have started folding a few models. I have got stuck in the same rut of starting to fold designs but not coming around to finishing them… sigh!

These are a few diagrams and books which have been released in the last few weeks and which can be accessed or downloaded with the generous permission of the authors and designers.

Origami Fox – This is probably one of the popular and well known diagrams of Hoàng Tiến Quyết – his origami Fox. The diagrams are intermediate by nature and are also available in The Fold (OrigamiUSA’s Online magazine). However, for those of you who are not members, you can refer to the diagrams on the Vietnam Origami Group site.

Sparrow (CP) – For those of you who simply love a challenge, you can give this Crease Pattern a try – Kade Chan’s Sparrow – which he has generously shared on his Flickr profile. It uses the box pleating technique and Kade Chan‘s version has been folded from a square piece of paper measuring 25 cms. The finished model is approx 10 cms in all.

The Original Works of Alex Kimball

New papers and Books – Nicolas Terry has been stocking up his origami store with a wide variety of paper and articles in the last few weeks. As many of you will already know, he has got a good stash of Origamido papers of varying colors which can be purchased online only through his website.

Another new arrival in his store is – The Original Works of Alex Kimball – which was released recently. This is a collection on hand drawn diagrams of Black Bear (also on the cover page), Hammerhead Shark, Pelican, Rabbit, Springbok, Gorilla, Lynx and lastly ‘Bird in Flight’. I have never folded any of Alex’s designs but based on the models in this book, his folding sequence looks like fun and challenging, too.

JOAS Tanteidan # 17 – The latest JOAS Tanteidan – Tanteidan #17 – is also available for pre-order. There is no news as to the model list which will be published in this edition. But being the Tanteidan Magazine, it will be worthwhile to get your hands on this book while stocks last. The tentative date for availability on Origami-Shop is August 26th 2011; there are 50 models expected to be included in this book of complex level of difficulty.

This edition is sure to bring a lot of challenging designs to readers and as usual, it is a highly anticipated book with a ‘must-have’ tag attached to it. There will be a mix of diagrams and crease Patterns as with all other Tanteidan Books. However, since it is a Tanteidan Book, the models / designs in this book will undoubtedly be higher intermediate to complex and therefore will be ideal for experienced folders.

For those of you who are eagerly waiting for the model list, it should be declared sometime around the JOAS Convention which is August 13 – 14.

VOG’s Origami book – There is another book, the compilation of which is currently in progress, and which is sure to make the list of many origamists’ shopping lists out there – #5 VOG – 50hrs Origami – by the Vietnam Origami Group. If you are a member or a regular visitor to their forum, you would know that there are many gifted origamists in that group. A lot of the designs are challenging and very complex in nature. Some of the designers also share the diagrams to their designs freely through the forum.

This book is a collection of models ranging from animals, fantasy characters, flowers and more. So far it has been revealed that there will be just one insect in this book and there will be no pre-order option. Nicolas Terry has promised that his store will carry a large stock of it, so there will always be a chance to buy it without having to wait for it to be re-stocked.

Included in this book are diagrams to 29 models ranging from simple to super complex and 4 Crease Patterns. The tentative date of publication is Fall 2011 and the language medium will be French and English.

Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova)

Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova) - Backlit
Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova) - Backlit

A few weeks ago, Dasa Severova designed a very pretty Perpetua flower design; what’s more is that she also took the pains to take a series of photo diagrams of the folding sequence and share it with everyone.

This floral design is indeed very pretty and if you are at ease with squash folds, and multiple collapses of paper, you should be fine.

Paper to use:
For my rendition, I have used duo colored tant paper measuring 35 cms in size. You can choose to fold this design with Kami paper, tissue foil or any paper you like. Paper measuring a minimum of 9 – 10 inches should be used as this design has a series of folds which will become quite tough if you fold it using a small sheet of paper to begin with.

Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova)
Floral Perpetua (Design by Dasa Severova)

From the square, you will have to cut out an Octagon, which is what you will begin your folding with. When starting to fold, in case you are using single-side colored paper, remember to start with the colored side facing you / upwards.

The completed model of mine measures approximately 9 inches in size.

How to fold the Floral Perpetua:
Dasa Severova has generously shared the instructional album on Flickr. She has demonstrated 3 levels of collapsing / folding and she does mention that you can increase this number if you feel like it. Tips on variations are also provided by her in the folding sequence.

Have a great week ahead!