Rose (Design by Evi Binzinger)

Rose (Design by Evi Binzinger)
Rose (Design by Evi Binzinger)

This is a design diagrammed and shared by Evi Binzinger on Flickr. This design is a lot easier than other Rose designs out there, but there is effort required to get the curves for the petals especially – as with all origami floral designs which emphasize on the beauty and bloom of the flower.

I found this design quite easy to fold and shape – the folding sequence is easy to follow and the instructions are very clear. You can combine this design with a design for leaves by other origami designers to get a prettier look, too.

Paper to use:
The designer suggests the use of foiled paper, wet folded paper and duo colored paper for folding this model. I used 15cm sized square sheet of duo colored tant paper which I purchased from a quaint little Japanese shop in Little Tokyo, LA, a few weeks ago.

How to fold this pretty rose:
The designer – Evi Binzinger – has taken the trouble of diagramming the folding sequence for this design and has also generously shared them on Flickr.


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