Origami Rosette (Design by Tomoko Fuse)

Origami Rosette (Design by Tomoko Fuse)
Origami Rosette (Design by Tomoko Fuse)

This book – Origami Flowers Patterns – is the latest addition in my Origami Library and though I received it last week, I only got around to selecting a model to fold from this book, today.

None of the designs in the book have any special names, but this particular rosette, is one of the prettiest. I don’t think I did justice to it with the Kami paper I chose to fold it with, but nonetheless, I thought of posting it anyway.

This is my first fold of this particular model. Most of the designs in this book are intermediate requiring a lot of pre-creasing and collapsing to form the petals of the flowers. Another thing about these flowers is that all of them (except 1) are from a single sheet of paper. This book has 41 designs in all accompanied with step-by-step instructions.

Paper to use:
I think Kami paper is not a good option for these rosettes as it just doesn’t make the finished model look delicate and exquisite enough. I would try to fold my next rosette with glassine or any other thinner / delicate paper (such as tissue paper) in order to be able to back-light the model at the end, too.

This rendition of mine was folded from an octagon cut out of a 9 inch square sheet of single side colored kami paper. The end result is a model measuring approx 4.5 inches across.

How to fold this model:
The diagrams to this model are available in Tomoko Fuse’s book – Origami Flowers Patterns. Since all of the models in this book start with a octagon, you will be able to find the instructions for cutting an Octagon out of a square sheet of paper in Sara Adams’ blog.