Butterfly (Design by H.T.Quyet)

Butterfly (Design by H.T. Quyet)
Butterfly (Design by H.T. Quyet)

This is a design I folded a few days ago – H.T. Quyet’s pretty butterfly – out of Nicolas Terry’s Tissue foil backed with thin tissue paper for the duo-colored effect.

It is an intermediate level design which has a few sinks involved in the folding process along with shaping the model at the end to get the desired effect.

I found this quite alright to fold and the pic above is that of my first attempt. I started by taking a 20 cm sheet (square) of Nicolas Terry’s Tissue foil and pasting a sheet (similar measurement) of regular plain tissue on one side. I trimmed the edges so that the sheet looked clean and neat.


Paper to Use:

Tadashimori, in is instructional video, has attempted to fold this design with regular copy paper as well as Kami. Since this model requires shaping, one either has to use tissue foil which can be shaped easily or wet fold the model in order to get the desired shape.

This design has also been folded in Elephant Hide paper – you can see EyalR’s rendition here – which has been painted with acrylic paints.


How to fold H.T. Quyet’s Butterfly:

Tadashimori has recorded a very detailed and helpful instructional video on folding this design – with the permission of H.T. Quyet. He has marked out all creases in the video and provides helpful hints on how to make the folds.