Mandala Piratininga (Design by Falk Brito)

Mandala Piratininga (Design by Falk Brito)
Mandala Piratininga (Design by Falk Brito)

This is a simple mandala design I chose to fold this weekend. I wanted to make use of the kami paper I had purchased from Daiso a couple of years ago and thought this design would be a good choice for it.

I deliberately selected a larger sized paper for this mandala, instead of the usual smaller 3 inch sized paper – just to see how it would turn out. I am not disappointed at all with the outcome.

Paper to use:
Since this is an easy model to fold, you can use any kind of decorative paper of your choice, including wrapping paper. One point to note, however, is that the paper you select should be colored differently on both sides to take advantage of the color change in between. So, simple kami paper, which is white on one side or duo colored paper will work well. Usually, mandalas are folded using smaller paper measuring approximately 3 inches or so. But you can select a size of your choice.

How to fold Falk Brito’s Mandala Piratininga:
Falk Brito has published the diagrams to this pretty design on his blog and they are quite easy to follow. You can find them here.

Additionally, Mariela Recinos of Origami Maniacs has created and shared a nice tutorial, with the permission of Falk Brito, on the folding sequence of this model. You can take a look at it here: