Modular 8 pointed star (Design by Melisande)

8 Pointed Star (Design by  Mélisande)
8 Pointed Star (Design by Mélisande)

Being the Holiday Season, I have been busy with decorating and lighting up the place for Christmas. One of the designs I leep a look out for is variations of stars to decorate the walls or windows with. This is one pretty design which is not very difficult to fold, too. Designed by Melisande, it requires 8 sheets of origami paper of any kind or color you would like to use.

There are quite a few variations proposed by Melisande, herself, to this design. I am sure that once you get used to the folding sequence, you can come up with a few more variations, too.

Paper to use:
For my rendition, I have used regular Kami paper which is single side colored. The paper I used has a design of splashes of color which gives the completed model a nice look, I think. I used 8 sheets of paper measuring 5 7/8 inches in size, square shaped.

How to fold this 8 pointed star:
Melisande has generously created photo diagrams and shared them with us on her Flickr album. Further, she has also posted pics of variations she has come up with, using a similar folding sequence.

I have folded a couple of these as decorations for this year – in red and green – along with other designs and I have them hanging from my ceiling in a little area in my hall room.