Butterfly Bookmark (Design by Grzegorz Bubniak)

Butterfly Bookmark (Design by Grzegorz Bubniak)
Butterfly Bookmark (Design by Grzegorz Bubniak)

My better half is practically a bookworm and much to my irritation will end up folding the pages within the book so that he remembers where he left it off. I hate this habit of his, which made me hunt for creative bookmarks for him to use.

This is an incredibly pretty bookmark and is not so difficult to fold. Grzegorz Bubniak has generously provided the diagrams to this design on his website, too. It is also published in Polish Origami Bulletin # 1.

Paper to use:

Ideally this design is best folded with duo colored paper i.e. colored differently on either sides. However, single side colored paper will also work even though it might not give an all that great effect. You can select a paper – Kraft, Kami or even some pretty patterned wrapping paper – measuring approx 6 inches or more. The size of the paper you start with really depends on the size of the final model you wish you have. A 6 inch square will end up being a 4.5 inch model in the end, measured across.

Butterfly Bookmark (Design by Grzegorz Bubniak)
Butterfly Bookmark (Design by Grzegorz Bubniak)

How to fold this design:

Grzegorz Bubniak has shared the diagrams on his website. If you see the picture of the completed model there, you will notice that he has used duo-colored Kraft paper colored in gold and crimson which looks really elegant.

Origami Book (Design by David Brill)

Book (Design by David Brill)
An Origami Book (Design by David Brill)
An Origami Book Mark
An Origami Book Mark

This is one very simple model from David Brill. You can make a ‘box’ spined book or a simple bound book.

What you need:
A square sheet of paper, single – side colored. This can be of any size of your choice. I have used a 6″ square sheet of Origami Paper here.

A Single – side colored paper is required, as the “white” side serves as the pages of the book once the model is completed.

How to fold this model:
YouTube.com has got some really good contributors for this model. I have found this video by Marigami pretty helpful.

1. Avoid using thick paper (in case you aren’t using Origami paper) as this will make it difficult for you to fold the model.
2. Avoid using flimsy wrapping paper, too as this will not fold and form well.
3. You can make a book mark using this (as shown) or even a bookcase by folding a dozen of these books and stacking them on a bookcase. This video by Marigami ,will help you fold an Origami Bookcase: