Pre-Columbian Style Origami Frog (Design by Leyla Torres)

Pre-Columbian Style Origami Frog (Design by Leyla Torres)

I came across a new blog post by another origamist today, which I think is quite ingenious! It is easy to fold and whats more, the designer, Leyla Torres (of Origami Spirit), has taken the trouble of actually recording an instructional video on folding it, too!

Paper to use:
You can use Kami, tissue foil or any paper of your choice for this model. The folds are simple and if you follow the instructional video, you will be able to fold this frog quite easily.

I have used duo-colored (or rather, printed) Kami paper measuring approximately 8 inches in size. You can also use single-side colored paper to fold this model.

How to fold this pre-columbian style frog:
Leyla Torres, the designer has generously shared an instructional video on the folding sequence. You can find it below, too:

Origami ‘Jumping’ Frog

Origami Jumping Frog
Origami 'Jumping' Frog

This is a relatively easy model to fold; I ended up folding one on the request of my fiancé. Frogs are considered to be lucky charms in Japanese culture and origami, ceramic and other kinds of frogs are often gifted to family and friends for good luck.

This model, which I have folded is one of the ‘leaping frog’ models and can turn out to be a lot of fun! True that there are many origami frog designs available on the net these days ranging from simple to complex ones, the leaping models are simple and really easy to follow.

What you need for this Origami Frog:
All that you would need is a green square sheet of paper; I have used a 6 ¼” sized square origami paper for the model in the accompanying image. The sheet you choose can be single side printed or double, it doesn’t really matter, as the “second” side is totally covered up once you have completed your model. Avoid using flimsy or fine paper, as this would make it really difficult or even impossible to keep the folds in place (you might be forced to use glue in such circumstances).

To fold a larger sized frog, you can use green craft or construction paper of a larger size, cut into a square. Larger the size of the paper, larger the size of your frog!

How to fold the frog: as usual has got really good contributors to the art of origami. You will be able to find designs / steps for folding various kinds of frogs. However, this particular video I found has detailed out the steps nicely and is quite easy to follow albeit the lighting used in the video.

I hope you find it helpful.