Stegosaurus (Design by John Montroll)

Stegosaurus (Design by John Montroll)
Stegosaurus (Design by John Montroll)

This particular model has been on my to-do list for quite a while, now. It is from the book – Prehistoric Origami: Dinosaurs and Other Creatures, by John Montroll. It is one of the 2 models demarcated as ‘very complex’ by the author, in this book. I started folding this model during the Thanksgiving holidays but never got around to finishing it until now.

It is a very challenging design especially with the level of detail incorporated. John Montroll’s book clearly depicts the steps in the folding process and makes it easy to follow. One thing is for sure though, that this model should not be attempted by a beginner in origami. It will do well to have some experience in folding intermediate models prior to folding such a model.

Paper to use:
I have used a 9 inch square sheet of single side colored origami paper. i found it pretty flexible and easy to fold the steps detailed for this model. Another option you can try out is tissue foil or simple foil paper which you might get in the local stores.

How to fold the Stegosaurus:

In case you do not have Jon Montroll’s book with you, you can refer to Sara Adams’ helpful 3-part instructional video detailing the folding process. She has explained the steps really well and has also given a few tips in between on folding. Her pre-creases are somewhat different (in the beginning) as compared to the book, but I definitely prefer her folds at the beginning, because it does not require a lot of creases 😀

But it does not really matter whether you follow the initial steps from the book or from her video; the end result is the same. Only the method of pre-creasing differs – that too only a teeny weeny bit.

I struggled a lot with the head and tail bit for some reason even though I found the rest of the model pretty much alright to fold. I found out I mixed up the folds for the head and tail section and therefore had to redo most of it. But overall I am pretty pleased with my first fold of this model.