Another Shuzo Fujimoto Tessellation

Tessellation (Shuzo Fujimoto)
Tessellation (Shuzo Fujimoto)

It’s been some time since I folded and I haven’t really got into the routine of folding. I tried out this tessellation by none other than the master Shuzo Fujimoto and I quite like the way it has turned out.

There is a lot of pre-creasing required and which is expected with folding a tessellation. However, once you get the hang of the technique, its gets done pretty quickly.


Paper to use:

I have used a 15cm square sheet of Kami for my rendition – single side colored.  This design took me about an hour and a half to fold, but thats only because I had to reopen and fold the whole thing whilst I was half way through because of a mistake.

You can try folding this design with Tant, Tissue Foil or any other paper which is not too thick – this is because of the layers of folds which are generally associated with tessellations.


How to fold this design:

While no instructional video or freely available diagram exists for this model, you can nevertheless get the diagrams from the book  – Hortensia Origami –  which you can buy from Nicolas Terry’s Origami Shop.

Sakura Star (Design by David Martínez)

Sakura Stars (Design by David Martínez)
Sakura Stars (Design by David Martínez)

This weekend, I attempted to fold the Sakura Stars, which are pretty tessellation based stars desgined by David Martínez and are not at all complex to fold.

I came across pictures of the finished model on Flickr and found that the designer had generously also shared the photo diagrams to it!

Paper to Use:
You can fold these stars from Kami, or any paper which is not too thick. You should be able to pre-crease and fold it quite easily without having the folds too stiff. You can also choose to use glassine paper like Mélisande* did for backlighting purposes.

To start with, you would need to cut out a pentagon from your square sheet of paper. For this, you can check out the video David Martínez has linked to (Sara Adams’ instructional video). The paper size you can use should be not less than 6 inches in size at bare minimum. For a first fold, you might want to start with something bigger.

The photo diagrams David Martínez has shared are very detailed and shows all the creases and folds / collapsing sequence required to form these pretty stars.

For my rendition, I used single side colored Kami paper measuring 5 7/8 inches. I have curved the petals slightly to give the it a more “floral” look.

Thank you, David, for sharing the photo diagrams to this pretty model!