Celtic Brooch (Design by José Meeusen)

Celtic Brooch (Design by José Meeusen)

I am trying to get started on a regular routine once again in folding paper. To start out, I picked a pretty, festive looking modular design which I think is one of the perfect ones for this Holiday Season.

It’s José Meeusen’s Celtic Brooch which is folded from 12 sheets of duo colored paper. To make it an interesting combination, you can try with 2 differently colored papers so that you get an alternating color combination around the design. If you choose to use single side colored paper, the white side will form a jagged center circle – which you can see in the tutorial video below.

Tuttle publishing has released a variety of small sized paper packs recently, which you can find on Amazon. I have used the Japanese Washi paper design from these. They come in packs of 300 sheets mostly, and duo colored, which make them perfect for modulars. Each of the sheets measure 4 inches in size and when assembled, this brooch design measures approx 5.5 inches.

How to fold this design:

Evan Zodl has created and uploaded a very detailed and helpful video on folding the 12 individual units and assembling them. The creases and reference points most importantly are clearly marked and explained which make this an easy-to-follow video even for beginners.